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ALU Data & Decisions Test

Hello, Welcome to this Data and Decisions Test Course. The course has been created for the sole purpose of experimenting new features on ALUx during the redesign period before they get implemented on the new instance for the 2019/20 Academic Year. Feel free to browse the course and try out features.


The Data and Decisions course is a journey about seeking and analyzing different types of data to make informed decisions when addressing real world problems. All first year students embark on this journey together as they gain a solid foundation and exposure to how data shapes most major decisions in the world. It is an engaging, motivating, and practical way for students to develop quantitative skills that are critical for any high-performing employee or leader of any industry. Data and Decisions students learn to contextualize numbers in their tangible meaning, effectively make arguments and communicate powerful insights by representing data, model real world phenomena and uncertain outcomes, and become better decision-makers by using this extensive toolkit the course helps them develop.


Attendance is mandatory for all class and peer sessions. If you are unable to attend a session, you must email your facilitators 24 hours in advance. If the absence is excused, you may contact your facilitator to find out how you can make up the work. Please see the student handbook for more details on attendance and excused absences.


If you would like one-on-one feedback or simply want to discuss a topic of interest with your facilitator, you can come to office hours! There will be some instances when office hours will be mandatory. If this is the case, you will be informed and will be required to sign up for a 15-minute slot.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Data and Decisions Faculty at:

Course Staff

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Raissa Kamariza

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Emmanuel Jartu

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Course Staff Image #2

Aseda Ohene-Adu

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Karen Muhika

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Todd Sebastian Miller

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